Loading and Saving Queries

The following load/save functions are available from the SQL Report Editor Window, Report Search Window, and Query Builder submenu options:
  • Load a query or data model from the database.
  • Save a query into the database. Queries saved in the database can be run directly from the reports menu and optionally shared by other users.
  • Import a query from a disk file and save it into the database.
  • Export a query from the database to a disk file. Queries exported to disk files can be emailed to other Communicare sites.
  • Rename queries that belong to you. A query's name decides which report sub-menu the query is listed on, if any. See Report Naming for more information.
  • Change the Public property of queries that belong to you. Public queries are displayed on all users' report menus.
  • Delete queries belonging to you from the database.

Note: Users in the Administrators group can change and delete queries belonging to any user. See Also Access Control for Query Builder Reports, Query_Builder_Report_Naming, SQL Reports