Reports Search

If you can't remember the name or categorisation of the report you need, you can search for it using keywords. You can also use the Reports Search window to run the same report multiple times without having to search for it again.

To search for a report:
  1. Select Report > Search Reports.
  2. If you have previously added the report you need to your favourites, select Show favourites.
  3. In the Reports Search window, in the Search field, enter a search term, for example, pregnancy. The report pane lists all reports that contain the search term, either in the report title or the comments. The search term is not case sensitive.
  4. Select the report you need. The report description is displayed in the right pane.
  5. If you're likely to need this report often, click Add to Favourites. Your favourites are unique to you and aren't reflected in other user's Report Search window.
  6. Double-click the report, or click Open Report to open the selected report.
  7. Click Yes to run the report, or Export to export the report to Microsoft Excel.

Administrators can right-click a report and select Edit Report to edit the report in the SQL Report Editor. See Edit SQL Reports for more information.