Report Wizard

Query Builder has an extensive viewing and reporting feature allowing you to set the format and layout of reports.

After your query has run and the results are displayed in the data table you can view the results in a Form by clicking on the Form mode button at the bottom right of the results window. This displays one record at a time rather than a list of records.

To print the results data click on the Print data button at the bottom right of the results window and the Report Wizard window will be displayed.

The Report Wizard

Preview or print from this form using the appropriately labelled buttons.

Use the Printer button to set paper size and orientation. Remember to save these settings if they are always to apply to this report.

Use the Labels button to allow you to design layouts suitable for various sizes of label.

The Edit Rep. button allows you to perform a number of modifications to the layout and design of your printed report. These include but are not restricted to the following:
  • Fields - Column width, Alignment, Borders & Frames, Colour & Shading, Field position, Text Style & Size
  • Groups - group the data according to fields or expressions
  • Options - Titles, Headers and Footers can be designed here. The Edit band button next to each band opens a Drag 'n' drop report designer.

Editing report layout bands

There is a variety of objects you can drop onto a band. Drag the appropriate object onto the band and, making sure it is selected, edit using the various options available.
  • Label - set the size, style of text, alignment and caption
  • DB Text - specify the field, apply a mask
  • Sys Data - specify a system parameter such as date or time
  • Expression - click on the ellipsis next to the Expr: box to construct an expression
  • Parameter - in addition to PracticeName (the name of your practice) and UserName (the name with which you logged on to Communicare) you can also use any of the parameters you were prompted to provide as you ran the query. Parameter_0 is the first parameter you were prompted for, Parameter_1 the second, etc. Select them from the ellipsis button. Text can be added to the [$parameter_n$] to further qualify the label (for example, From [$parameter_0$] to [$parameter_1$] might show as From 1-January-2003 to 1-January-2004 on the printed report.
  • Shape - choose a shape and set its properties