Enable SMS

To configure Communicare to send SMS with Telstra Health's SMS gateway (TH Messaging), enable the module and assign system rights to user groups.

Telstra Health's SMS gateway (TH Messaging) does not store message content. It passes along the complete message details using software components on both the Telstra and Telstra Health networks. The Message ID, sending phone number and receiving phone number are the only data that is stored on the server.

Tip: You can continue to use the existing SMS Feature module until you exhaust your Burst credit. You should then swap over to the new SMS Communications module.
To enable SMS:
  1. Request the new SMS Communications feature from Communicare Support. They will send you the contract forms and after you return the signed forms, set up your TH Messaging account.
  2. Enable the module:
    1. Select File > System Parameters > System tab.
    2. In the modules list, set Communications.
    3. Click Save iconSave.
    4. Contact Communicare Support for today's security code. In the Enter Authority Code window, enter the code and click OK.
  3. Assign access rights:
    1. Select File > User Groups.
    2. In the User Group Maintenance window, select the user group that you want to allow to create and manage SMS appointment reminder templates.
    3. On the System Rights tab, set SMS Administration.
    4. In the User Group Maintenance window, select the user group that you want to allow to send SMS appointment reminders.
    5. On the System Rights tab, set SMS Messaging.
    6. Repeat steps a-e for all groups that will manage or use SMS appointment reminders.
    7. Click Save.
After the Communications module is enabled:
  • In the patient record and clinical record, when you click SMS iconSend SMS, the Communications module is used.
  • In the Tools menu:
    • Send Bulk SMS uses the Communications module
    • Manage SMS Appointment Reminders requires both Communications module and SMS Administration user right
    • All other SMS menu items that were previously available are hidden if SMS Feature is not enabled.
Users with the SMS Administration user right can now set up the SMS appointment reminder templates for group SMS appointment reminders for your health service.