SMS Batch Reports

You can add new local SMS batch reports to be used to send SMS messages to patients as required. Either request a new custom SMS batch report from Communicare or create it yourself.

To request a new custom report:
  1. In the Communicare User Portal - Help and Support tab, request support.
  2. Provide the following information:
    • Purpose of the report, for example, Recalls Due

    • Additional filters required, for example, Recall type, date range (of appointment), patient age range, patient sex filter, Indigenous status, and so on

    • Preferred name of report

    • Output, the final SMS wording of no more than 320 characters

When you receive the SMS batch report XML file from Communicare Support, import it into Communicare.

To import the custom SMS batch report:
  1. Select Tools > Send Bulk SMS.
  2. In the Select an SMS query window, click Import.
  3. Select the XML file on your computer and click Open.
  4. Set Public.

The imported report is listed in the Select an SMS query window.

Tip: SMS Bulk reports do not show in the Communicare Reports > SMS menu, only in the Tools > Send Bulk SMS menu.

Creating a new SMS batch report

To create a new local SMS report:
  1. Select Tools > Send Batch SMS.
  2. In the Select an SMS query window, right-click on a report and select Copy and Edit SQL query.
  3. In the Query Name field, enter a name for report.
  4. To prevent accidental use of the report while it is in draft, deselect Public.
  5. If required, from the Viewing Rights list, select a viewing right. For example, Maternal & Sexual Health.
  6. The SMS Messaging system right is required to run SMS batch reports. By default, SMS Messaging is assigned to the report. If any other system right is selected, from the System Rights list, select SMS Messaging.
  7. Edit the SQL. You must include the following information:
    • An output attribute on the parameters set to XML, that is <PARAMETERS OUTPUT="XML">
    • The following output field names (use field aliases) in exactly the following order:
      • PATID - an integer field
      • PATIENTNAME - a string field
      • MOBILENUMBER - a string field
      • TEXT - a string field
  8. To test your SQL, click Preview Query.
  9. When you are satisfied with the SQL, set Public and click Save.

You can now use the report to send a custom SMS batch.

System and viewing rights

To run SMS batch reports, users require the SMS Messaging system right.

When a report is run, the current user’s viewing rights and program rights are respected in the output.

Important: To avoid unintentionally excluding some or all recalls, batch SMS Reminders for clinical procedures must be run by a user with the required viewing and program rights. Similarly, users running the report may have records excluded if their user group does not have the appropriate program rights.

For example, a user runs Tools > Send Batch SMS > custom recall SMS batch, then selects cervical screening recalls and the due date. If the user does not belong to a user group with the Maternal & Sexual Health viewing right, the output will not display any records.