Biographics - Administration

Record administrative information about the patient on the Administration tab.

Table 1. Biographics information - Administration tab
Field Description
Administration notes Record any relevant notes. Do not record sensitive information in this section.
Pop-up alert notes Record alerts to be displayed in a pop-up window in Appointments, Service Recording and the Clinical Record. Do not record sensitive information in this section.
Patient status Select the patient status for the current health service. By default, the status is set to Current Patient. Select from:
  • Banned 30 days
  • Banned 60 days
  • Current Patient
  • Fictitious Patient
  • Non Patient
  • Past Patient
  • Transient Patient
Current Group Memberships Set the groups to which the patient belongs. Click Advanced to add groups.
Registered for CTG Co-payment Relief Set if the patient is registered for Close-The-Gap co-payment relief. If set, prescriptions can be marked for CTG Co-payments for this patient.
Special Checkbox & Special Lookup If Special options are set up for your service in System Parameters - Patient, they are displayed in these fields. These options are relevant to your own situation and can be used as selection criteria in your reports.
Special Patient Check If the Special Patient Check is enabled in System Parameters - Patient, set if you have completed the Patient Check for this patient.
Existing File

Existing paper file identifiers or numbers for a patient, their encounter place and whether this is their primary encounter place.

Each patient can have multiple file numbers with different file numbers stored against each eligible encounter place within the current organisation.

An encounter place is eligible if it has been marked as a record-storage place.

Private Patient

Shows the person responsible for the patient's account, by default the patient.

To add a person other than the patient who is responsible for paying the account, click Manage Payer(s).

To view previous transactions, click Transaction History.

Information Sharing Consent

Record the patient's consent to having documents uploaded to their My Health Record. See My Health Record Upload Consent. (To register the patient for MHR, see Registering patients with MHR for more information.)

If you have a single database in your organisation used by multiple health services, record the patient's consent to information sharing. See Information Sharing Consent for more information.