Biographics - Social Data

Record demographic and next-of-kin information on the Social tab. Depending on the configuration for your health service, some of these fields may be compulsory.

Table 1. Biographics information - Social tab
Field Description
Additional kin information

Add names of family members, their status (either Live-in or Deceased) and relationship to the patient.

If the family member is a patient of your service, select their name from the database. Otherwise, type the relative's name.

The status of a family member who is linked to another patient record is updated automatically if their death is recorded.

If the Structured Contacts system module is enabled for your Communicare installation, you can also record the following kin information:

  • Title - kin title (mandatory)
  • Given Names - kin given name (mandatory)
  • Family Name - kin family name (mandatory)
  • Relationship - kin relationship to the patient (mandatory), for example, Aunt
  • Contact Role - kin role (mandatory), for example, Nearest Relative. This entry must be unique across all Kin for the current patient, except if the value is Other
  • Address Line 1 - address of the patient kin
  • Address Line 2
  • Locality - kin locality
  • Home Phone - kin home phone number
  • Work Phone - kin business phone number
  • Mobile Phone - kin mobile phone number
  • Email - kin email address
  • Inactive - determines whether the kin is active or not
  • Inactive date - if the kin is inactive, enter the date from which this applies
  • Preferred Phone - preferred phone option, Home, Work or Mobile
Birth Plurality

Indicate whether the patient was part of a multiple birth. Select the number of births arising from a single pregnancy including the patient.

If you select Singleton, Birth Order is set to Singleton or first of a multiple birth and disabled.

Birth Order If a patient was part of a multiple birth, select the patient's birth order.
Emergency contact Specify the name, phone number and relationship of who to contact in an emergency. If the Structured Contacts system module is enabled, these fields are not available. Use Additional kin information to specify emergency contacts instead.
Usual GP (external) If your organisation is not the usual GP for the patient, specify the person or a practice who is. To select a GP from your address book, click Ellipsis iconEllipsis.
Family members on same Medicare card A generated list of all family members on the same Medicare card as the patient, which cannot be edited.
Skin If applicable, select a skin type from the list relevant to your patients or region.
Preferred Language

Select the patient's preferred language from the list.

By default, English, supplementary codes and languages used by other patients in the system are shown. To list all available languages, click All Languages. The descriptions come from Australian Standard Classification of Languages, ABS Catalogue No. 1267.0. This set includes an extensive break down of Aboriginal languages.

Spoken At Home As for the Preferred Language, select the language spoken by the patient at home.
Country of Birth

Select the patient's country of birth.

By default, Australia, supplementary codes and countries used by other patients in the system are shown. To list all available countries, click All Countries. The descriptions come from Standard Australian Classification of Countries, ABS Catalogue No. 1269.0.

Place of Birth Enter the locality of birth.
Marital Status Select the ABS Registered marital status, Catalogue No. 1286.0. This classification is not the same as Social marital status, mentioned in the same document. It groups de facto and registered marriage together as Married.
Residential Status Select the patient's residential visa status.
NDIS Status Select whether the patient is eligible or registered for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
Occupation Enter the patient's occupation.
Interpreter Required Set if the patient requires an interpreter.
Interpreter Language If the patient requires an interpreter, the required language or language group.