Create Medication Orders from Prescriptions

If you have written a prescription that is part of a Medication Request, and you need to supply some of the medication to the patient now to cover the period until the the pharmacy order is fulfilled and arrives for the patient, you can create a medication order from the prescription.

To view the prescription and copy its details to a medication order, you must belong to a user group that has Prescribing - Full or Prescribing - Once Off/Short Course rights.

You can create medication orders only for active prescriptions that are not stopped, deleted or expired.
To copy a prescription to a medication order for a patient:
  1. After you have added the prescription, in the patient's Clinical Record, go to the Summary > Medication Summary tab or the Detail > Rx - Prescription tab.
  2. Right-click the required medication, and select Create Once Off Medication Order.
  3. You will have already reviewed the interactions. Additionally you are warned that The currently prescribed medication contains the same generic components. In the Medications Warnings window, click Noted.
  4. Details from the prescription are copied to the Create Once Off Medication Order window.
  5. If required, to suit your Imprest edit Order Using and select either Generic name or Brand name depending what you have in stock.
  6. In the No. of Packs field, enter the number of packs included in the Medication Order. The default is 1.
  7. The Duration is set to 1 day. Adjust either the duration or date until if required.
  8. In the Order Instructions field, enter administer or supply instructions for the medication using short codes or full text. For example, enter BD for twice a day, or CF for with food.
    • To see a list of short codes available for your health organisation, click Add short code iconAdd shortcode or press F2.
    • If the medication is for supply and you want to copy the order instructions to the Label Instructions field and overwrite existing label instructions, click Copy iconCopy to Label Instructions.
  9. Dosage Instructions and DAA Dosage Instructions are copied where available from the prescription to the Label Instructions field. If the medication is for supply, in the Label Instructions field, edit the copied instructions or enter dosage instructions to be printed to a label using short codes or full text.
  10. In the Comments field, enter any additional information to include in the order.
  11. The clinical item associated with the original prescription is copied to the Reason field in the medication order. If required, you can remove or replace the clinical item:
    • To replace the copied clinical item with a new one, click Add Reason and select a new clinical item.
    • To remove an item and leave the reason blank, click Remove item iconRemove.
  12. Click Save.

The medication and associated condition are recorded in the patient's clinical record. Both the regular medication and the once-off / short course copy are listed on the Summary > Medication Summary and the Detail > Rx - Prescription tabs.

On the Medication Summary:

  • Medication is visible and current on the Medication Summary tab of the clinical record until the duration elapses.
  • Regular medications are listed on the Medication Summary until they are removed. If the duration has elapsed, regular medication shows a red until date.
  • Once-off or Short Course medications are listed on the Medication Summary only until the specified duration expires.

The medication can now be administered or supplied to the patient, either by you or a health worker.