Stop Multiple Medications

You can stop multiple current or expired regular and once-off medications simultaneously.

To stop medications, you must have full prescribing rights or once-off prescribing rights.
You cannot stop the following medications:
  • Medications that have already been stopped
  • Deleted medications
  • Medications added to Communicare using Medication History
To stop multiple medications:
  1. In a patient's Clinical Record, on the Medication Summary, click Stop Medications. All medications that can be stopped are listed with the oldest first.
    In the Stop Medications window, to view a subset of the current medications, set the required filter. For example, to view only regular medications, set Regular.
  2. In the medications list, select all the medications you want to stop.
  3. In the Reason for stopping medications pane, in the Reason field, enter why you want to stop these medications. Enter at least 5 characters.
  4. In the Date field, today's date is included by default. You can select an alternative date which must be no earlier than the start date of the most recent selected prescription.
  5. Click Stop.
  6. In the Stop Medications window, click Yes.
The selected medications are stopped and shown as stopped on the Medication Summary.