Real Time Prescription Monitoring

If your site is integrated with eRx, Communicare can be configured so that whenever a monitored medicine is prescribed and the prescription is about to be saved, the information is validated against the real-time prescription monitoring service using eRx.

For sites in Victoria, alerts from Safescript are displayed in Communicare. For further details about Safescript, see the health.vic website.

For other states, if a site is integrated with eRx, monitored medications flow to the real-time prescription monitoring system via eRx and results can be viewed in an RTPM Notification Client app, outside of Communicare.

The medications monitored differ by state:
  • S8 medications are always monitored
  • Some S4 medications are monitored
To use real-time prescription monitoring, ensure that the following criteria are met:
  • An HPI-O is selected for each Encounter Place where prescribing occurs.
  • All prescribing providers have a Provider Number entered against each Encounter Place.
Note: Real-Time Prescription Monitoring functionality is not available in the Offline Client.

Real Time Prescription Monitoring in NSW

SafeScript NSW is now available for prescribers and pharmacists statewide.

To get started, prescribers and pharmacists in Hunter New England and Central Coast will need to:
  1. Register for SafeScript NSW.
  2. Request Communicare Support to enable SafeScript NSW in Communicare.
  3. Install the SafeScript NSW/RTPM Notification Client app.
  4. Complete the accredited eLearning modules.
  5. Learn about the support available from SafeScript NSW, including a dedicated 24/7 clinical advice line, technical support, and enhancements to local HealthPathways

If you're already registered, log in and start using SafeScript NSW. To learn more, visit the SafeScript NSW website.