Enable and use RTPM

After you have enabled RTPM, when you prescribe a medication, the RTPM service is contacted when you attempt to save the prescription.

To enable RTPM integration in Communicare:
  1. Select File > System Parameters tab.
  2. On the Clinical tab, set Use RTPM Service.
  3. On the Web Services tab, in the Real-Time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM) Service pane:
    • In the URL field, enter the URL of the SafeScript API.
    • In the API Key field, enter the SafesScript key.
  4. Click Save iconSave and enter the authority code provided by Communicare Support.

After the RTPM service has been enabled, when you prescribe a medication and save it, Communicare contacts the RTPM service via eRx.

Safescript performs real-time prescription monitoring and returns a response.

For sites in Victoria, depending on the results, one of the following alerts is displayed in Communicare.
Table 1. RTPM alerts
RTPM alert icon Description
RTPM no alerts icon No controlled medicine has been prescribed in the last 6 months.
RTPM possible problems icon Records exist in SafeScript for controlled medicines.
RTPM alerts exist Alerts exist in SafeScript for controlled medicines.
RTPM - icon showing problems with connection to SafeScript There is a problem communicating with Safescript. To continue prescribing the current medication, the prescriber must include the method used for checking this prescription and click Select iconI have checked by another method.

Include any additional details concerning the verification process.

Review the alerts:
  • To view extra information from the Health Professional Portal and the patient's profile, click Extra Details.
  • If you want to prescribe the monitored drug, click OK - Proceed.
  • If you no longer want to prescribe the monitored drug, click Go Back to return to the Add Medications window.

For other states, if a site is integrated with eRx, monitored medications flow to the real-time prescription monitoring system via eRx and results can be viewed in an RTPM Notification Client app, outside of Communicare.