Repeat medications

Create a repeat for medication orders or represcribe regular and once off prescriptions.

If you have a Prescriber number and belong to a user group with Prescribing - Full access rights, you can quickly create a repeat for medication orders or represcribe regular and once off prescriptions.

If you belong to a user group with Prescribing - Once Off/Short Course access rights or do not have a Prescriber number but have the required medication included in your Scope of Practice, you can create repeats only for once off medication orders.

You cannot repeat or represcribe the following medications:
  • Stopped medications
  • Deleted medications
  • Regular medications that have been created, a medication request raised and the medication supplied in the current service
  • Medications that have an unreviewed verbal order
  • Prescriptions for deceased patients
In the Medication Summary, medications nearing the end of their prescription duration are colour-coded:
  • If the prescription is within 28 days of expiry, the Until date displays a gold background
  • If the prescription has expired, the Until date of regular medications displays a red background
To represcribe a single medication:
  1. In the patient's clinical record, on the Medication Summary, for the medication you want to represcribe, click Repeat, or right-click and select Repeat Medication (represcribe).
  2. In the Medication Warnings window, review the warnings and if you want to proceed, click Noted.
  3. If required, edit the prescription or medication order.

    The default DAA type of the original medication is maintained, even if the patient has a different default DAA type set.

    Change the DAA Type if required.
  4. Click Save.

If your health service is set up for Real-Time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM), and the medication is a controlled medicine, Communicare sends information to the Safescript service on the internet. Safescript results are then displayed for each drug prescribed. For more information, see RTPM.

The repeated prescription is added to the Medication Summary and Detail tab.

If the medication falls outside your scope of practice, a verbal order is raised. Otherwise, you can now finalise the medication from the Medication Summary, or finalise the prescription when you close the clinical record, and print if required.