Print Prescriptions

When you close the clinical record, you are prompted to finalise any prescriptions that haven't been finalised or printed that day.

If you want to print prescriptions before you close the record, you can print when you finalise prescriptions. Finalising a prescription assigns a script number to the prescription, so it is not necessary to print if a physical prescription is not required.

Note: To finalise and reprint prescriptions, you must be a prescriber and have a prescriber number.

Printing uses the Printer Assignments. You can print either to PDF or a printer. If you need only to assign a script number, you can instead just finalise the prescription.

On the Medication Summary, for any prescription that has not been printed or finalised, the Print icon print icon is displayed.

To print all new prescriptions:
  1. In the clinical record, on the Medication Summary tab, click Print iconFinalise Prescriptions.
  2. In the Finalise Prescriptions window, in the Finalise Prescriptions step, select the medications you want to print.
  3. In the Do you need to print today? step, set Yes.
  4. In What do you need to print?, select PBS Scripts.
  5. Click Finalise.

Any unprinted prescriptions are sent to your default printer.

If you print the prescription at a later date to the service, the date of the prescription is adjusted to the date of printing.