Ensuring an immunisation can be uploaded to AIR

After you have configured your encounter place and Communicare to integrate with the AIR, you must ensure that information is correctly recorded.

Check that immunisations have uploaded to the AIR in File > Online Claiming > AIR Claims tab. For more information, see Australian Immunisation Register uploads.

If an immunisation record fails to upload to the AIR, check that the following information is recorded correctly.

  1. In the patient's biographics, check the following:
    • The patient can be identified by the AIR. For more information, see Patient details are incomplete or invalid.
    • The patient name includes only A-Z characters, hyphens (without surrounding spaces), apostrophes, numerics and spaces
    • In the address fields, check the following:
      • The Line 1 and Line 2 fields contain only numeric and alphabetic characters and hyphens with no spaces around the hyphen
      • The Line 1 and Line 2 fields do not contain PO Box or c/-
      • The Line 1 field contains content
      • The Locality field has a valid postcode and is not set to Other / elsewhere
  2. In the immunisation clinical item added to a patient's record, check the following:
    • A value is recorded in either the Dose (this course) or Dose number field
    • For vaccines that require a serial number, for example, Comirnaty, a valid number is recorded in the Serial Number field
  3. To allow upload to the AIR, each immunisation clinical item must be set up correctly and include a valid export code. For example, Comirnaty would have the export code of COMIRN.
For more information, see Troubleshooting AIR uploads.