Adding a planned catch up vaccination schedule

If a child or other patient is behind in their vaccinations, you can request a catch up schedule from the AIR.

Tip: To update information to the AIR, you must belong to a user group with the AIR Patient Integration Update system right.

For some Centrelink payments and services such as Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A or child care fee assistance, children must be fully immunised. Similarly, adults may require catch up vaccinations because of their health, age, lifestyle or occupation.

Catch-up vaccination aims to provide optimal protection against disease as quickly as possible by completing a person’s recommended vaccination schedule in the shortest but most effective time frame.Australian Immunisation Handbook,

To commence a planned catch up:
  1. In the Australian Immunisation Register portal window, click Add iconAdd planned catch up.

    Add a planned catchup in the Australian Immunisation Register portal window
  2. In the Add planned catch up window, read the disclaimer from the AIR and click Add catch up date.
After you have requested a planned catch up schedule, Communicare displays the date from the AIR by which the outstanding vaccinations should be completed.
Planned catchup in the Australian Immunisation Register portal window with date set
The individual vaccines due with assigned due dates are listed on the Vaccines due tab.
Vaccines due from a planned catch up in the Australian Immunisation Register portal window

For more information about scheduling catch up vaccinations, see