Headspace provides mental health support services to young people aged 12 to 25 years, who are experiencing, or at risk, of mental ill-health.

The Headspace dataset comprises the following items:
  • Clinical items:
    • Headspace;Initial Contact
    • Headspace;Assessment
    • Headspace;Enrolment
    • Headspace;Duration of Care
    • Headspace;Closure
  • Report: Report > Headspace > Data Export
  • Automatic recall rule: Outcome of Headspace assessment, - On Qualifier - Headspace;Enrolment
  • Letter templates:
    • Headspace Instrument - K-10
    • Headspace Instrument - SOFAS
    • Headspace Instrument - WHO Assist Q1&2 Scale
Headspace clinical items are prefixed with Headspace and are added to a Headspace button in clinical records.
Example Headspace clinical items in the clinical record
Tip: After the Headspace dataset is enabled, before clinicians can use them, your Communicare Administrator must manually enable the following:
  • Headspace clinical items in File > Reference Tables > Clinical Item Types
  • Headspace automated recall in File > Reference Tables > Automated Recall Types
  • Headspace letter templates in Tools > Communicare Templates