The STRIVE dataset enables you to paticipate in the randomised community trial to control sexually transmitted infections in remote Aboriginal communities in northern and central Australia.

The STRIVE dataset comprises the following items:
  • Clinical items:
    • STI Screening STATE, for example, STI Screening WA
    • STI Treatment STATE, for example, STI Treatment WA
  • Recall rules
  • Reports, request the following reports which will be listed under Report > STI in Communicare:
    • Individual patients seen with STI test requested
    • Individual patients with positive STI test
    • Individual tests with positive STI test
    • Residents seen with STI test requested
    • Time to treatment
    • Treated and retested
    • Treated within one week
    • STRIVE External Report
    • STRIVE Quality Report

Participating health services should import this dataset and request the accompanying reports from Communicare Support. Health services should also request the import of the codes used by their specific STI pathology lab so that Communicare recognises local laboratory codes used for some STI results.