The iSISTAQUIT dataset is made available to health services that are part of the iSISTAQUIT research program and have undergone the required training with the University of Newcastle.

iSISTAQUIT (implement Supporting Indigenous Smokers To Assist Quitting) is a multi-component intervention aimed at improving health providers’ provision of smoking cessation care to pregnant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, funded by the Commonwealth Government.

Training in how to deliver the iSISTAQUIT program must be completed with the iSISTAQUIT research team before the iSISTAQUIT dataset is enabled for your site. For further information, contact .

The iSISTAQUIT dataset comprises the following items:
  • Clinical items:
    • iSISTAQUIT;Assessment
    • iSISTAQUIT;Eligibility
  • Automatic recall rules:
    • iSISTAQUIT;Eligibility On Presentation Pregnancy;confirmed
    • iSISTAQUIT;Assessment On Qualifier iSISTAQUIT001
    • iSISTAQUIT;Assessment On Qualifier iSISTAQUIT35, trigger for 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks with an offset of 3 days
  • Letter templates:
    • iSISTAQUIT quit plan

After the iSISTAQUIT dataset is enabled, your Communicare Administrator must manually enable the clinical items in File > Reference Tables > Clinical Item Types before clinicians can use them.

Before enabling the automated recalls, ask Communicare Support to enable the iSISTAQUIT;Eligibility automated recall rule which adds a recall for all pregnant women. Communicare Support will also run a script that removes the recall for women who are no longer pregnant but leaves it for women who are currently pregnant.

Your Administrator should also add a weekly scheduled report, which uses the Recalls Recalls Dues Multiselect and includes the iSISTAQUIT:Eligibility and iSISTAQUIT;Assessment parameters.

If you need help completing iSISTAQUIT clinical items or other support, contact the iSISTAQUIT research team at

For Communicare technical support, speak to your Communicare Administrator or contact Communicare Support as normal.