Add Medication Requests

If you need to adjust the medications included in a medication request, add a new medication request to supersede the old one.

Note: To create medication requests, you must be a prescriber and have a prescriber number.
To add a medication request:
  1. On the Medication Summary, click Medication Requests iconMedication Requests.
  2. In the Medication Requests window, click Add Medication Request.
    In the Add Medication Request window, all active, finalised prescriptions including medication groups by DAA type are displayed. All active regular medications, DAA medications and medications that are included in the current, active request are selected by default.
  3. In the Create a medication request step:
    1. If the location from which the medication will be supplied to the patient after it has been fulfilled is separate to the current encounter place, from the Pickup Location list, select this location. If the pickup location is already set in the clinical record Medication Summary, that location is included in the medication request automatically. If the current encounter place is a nominated medication pickup location, it is selected as the pickup location by default. For more information, see Encounter Place.
    2. Select the medications and medication groups that you want to include in the medication request. For each medication, add notes if required.
  4. In the Do you need to print today? step, if you want to print the medication request, set Yes.
  5. Click Save.

The new medication request is listed in the Medication Requests window with a status of Active and the number of the medication request is incremented.

The new medication request is also listed on the Progress Notes tab using the following format:
Date <Active> Medication request #x 
Items: y; Pickup Location: z;
For example:
Example new medication request progress note entry

When a medication request is superseded, on the Progress Notes tab, its prefix is updated to <Stopped>. Cancelled medication requests are also listed and prefixed with <Cancelled>.

If you chose to print, the medication request is printed.

If you chose not to print the medication request, you can print it later from the Medication Requests window. For more information, see Medication Requests.