Statutory Reporting and Communicare

There are currently four major reporting suites in Communicare for government reporting. Other program reporting suites may exist on your database, such as PMHC, CHSP, ITC, HACC, ANFPP, APCC.

Reporting suites

Reports usually have the following parameters:
  • A date range or report date where the end date is usually 30th June or 31st December. For internal reporting this can be any date required. Where a ‘from date’ is collected it may be ignored for some indicators where the currency period is defined in the indicator.
  • A locality group parameter with the option <All Locality Groups>. In most cases this last option should be selected but where more than one organisation shares a database, or internal reporting for separate regions is required, a specific locality group may be selected.
  • A patient indicator that can be AIHW Regular Client or Communicare Current Patient. OSR, nKPI and NSW reports must be uploaded with the AIHW Regular Client option selected.

The four reporting suites below essentially perform similar tasks for different agencies but differ in various ways. This table is to help you understand the differences.

Table 1. Comparison of KPI reporting suites
Reporting OSR National KPI NT AHKI NSW KPI
Included in Communicare Yes
  • CS-01 to CS-04
  • HP-01
  • L-06 to L-07
  • MCH-01 to MCH-03
  • S-06 to S-07, S-10 to S11 & S-13 to S-14
  • SE-06 to SE-07
  • HCP
  • Episodes and Contacts by Clinic – may be required for separate reporting for remote clinics
  • PI01 to PI24
  • Patient List – identified patients defined as regular
  • Version – specifies the version of the reports
  • AHKPI 1-01 to AHKPI 1-20
  • Setup – report to assist configuring encounter places and locality groups
  • KPI 01 to KPI 09
Can be run by a non-Administrator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can report on patient names No Yes

Each report has a companion report that displays patient names


Each report shows patient names


Each report has the option to include patient names or not

Single report available No Yes
  • Summary - reports on any indicator where there is some data
  • AHKPI Data Export
  • AHKPI Data Export for Selected Clinic
  • AHKPI Data Export Summary
  • Data Summary
Upload functionality Communicare’s Government Reporting Tool - Includes only CS-01 to CS-03 (renamed as AP1 to AP3) and HP-01 (renamed as CSP2) Communicare’s Government Reporting Tool - all indicators Data Export manually uploaded to NT portal - run AHKPI Data Export and save output as a CSV file Manual data entry - Data Summary to be printed and transcribed into NSW portal