Adding and Editing Extemporaneous Preparations

From the Extemporaneous Preparations window, you can add, edit or delete extemporaneous preparations.

To define an extemporaneous preparation, you must have privileges to prescribe and modify Reference Tables.

Note: The name of the extemporaneous preparation combined with the form must be less than 100 characters long.
To create a new extemporaneous preparation:
  1. Select File > Reference Tables > Extemporaneous Preparations.
  2. In the Extemporaneous Preparations window, click Add iconAdd.
  3. In the Extemporaneous Preparation window, in the Name field, add a descriptive name for the preparation. For example, Boric acid 1g.
  4. From the Form list, select the form of the drug. For example, Solution.
  5. In the Formulation field, enter the drug recipe. For example, Mix 20mL of 5% Boric Acid solution with 40mL of deionised or distilled water.
  6. If required, complete the other fields:
    • In the Volume/Amount fields, enter the total volume of the preparation and the units. For example, 60mL.
    • In the Quantity field, enter the number of items in the pack.
    • In the Default Repeats field, enter the default number of repeats displayed when prescribing the item.
    • From the Type options, set the availability of the item. For example, Rx.
  7. Click Save iconSave.

The new extemporaneous preparation is displayed in the drug browser and can be prescribed.

When a script using an extemporaneous preparation is printed, the formulation (or drug recipe) is printed on the script below the name of the item.

To edit an extemporaneous preparation:
  1. In the Extemporaneous Preparations window, select the required preparation and click Edit iconEdit.
  2. Repeat steps 4-7 above, editing only the required fields.