Completing recalls

Complete a recall either directly or indirectly.

To complete a recall directly:
  1. Open the patient's clinical record.
  2. From the Summary > Main Summary > To Do list (or the Detail tab), double-click a recall and select Select iconComplete it.
  3. In the clinical item, add values to all the fields that are missing information. Incomplete qualifiers are highlighted with an Incomplete qualifier iconIncomplete qualifier icon. Tabs with missing information display a Warning iconwarning icon.
  4. Click Save iconSave.

Completing a recall changes the recall into a clinical item.

To complete a clinical item indirectly you can add the same clinical item as the one in the recall. This adds the item and completes the recall automatically.

When a clinical item is added that is also found as a recall the system decides automatically what to do. The rules are:
  • If there is another clinical item of the same type at a later date than the new one, do not do anything extra.
  • If not, find the oldest recall for this clinical item type and if found, complete the recall. This way adding a clinical item instead of completing the recall is effectively the same thing as completing the recall.
Remember: Adding a clinical item will complete the recall no matter how far in the future it was planned.