Reviewing verbal orders

An unreviewed verbal order is a verbal order for a medication order that is awaiting approval from the authorising doctor.

To view unreviewed verbal orders, the Medications Management module must be enabled.

When you log in, a count of the unreviewed verbal orders, where you are the nominated provider, is displayed in the footer of the main toolbar.

As the authorising doctor, to review verbal orders:
  1. To display a list of unreviewed verbal orders, in the footer of the main toolbar, click Unreviewed verbal order iconUnreviewed Verbal Orders.
  2. To open a patient's clinical record, in the Unreviewed Verbal Orders list, for a particular patient, click Open clinical record.
  3. An unreviewed verbal order count is displayed in the Action Required banner at the top of the clinical record.
    • To open the Detail > Rx - Prescription tab, click Unreviewed Verbal Order in bannerVerbal Order in the banner. The medication is listed with the prefix <Unreviewed Verbal Order>.
    • Go to the Summary > Medication Summary, where the medication is flagged as needing review.
      Pending VTO on Medication Summary
  4. Right-click the medication and select Review Verbal Order.
  5. In the Verbal Order window, the verbal order details are summarised in the top pane. Verbal order details cannot be edited.
  6. If the verbal order has been incorrectly assigned to you:
    1. Click Reassign verbal order iconReassign Order.
    2. In the Reassign verbal order window, from the Authorising Clinician list, select an alternative clinician from the list of providers at this encounter place.
    3. If required, in the Comments field, add any supporting information.
    4. Click Save.
  7. In the Verbal Order window, in the Review confirmation pane, set I have read and reviewed the patient's order.
  8. Today's date is selected by default. If the review needs to be back-dated, from the Reviewed On calendar, select the review date.
  9. If required, in the Reviewer Comments field, enter any comments.
  10. Click Save.
On the Medication Summary, the verbal order is displayed as reviewed.
Example reviewed verbal order in the Medication Summary
In the clinical record, the prefix <Unreviewed Verbal Order> is removed from the medication entry on the Detail tab and the Progress Notes show <Reviewed>.
Example reviewed verbal order medication in progress note
If the verbal order has been reassigned to an alternative clinician:
  • A progress note is added to the clinical record prefixed with <Reassigned verbal order>. Both the clinician from whom it was reassigned and the new clinician to whom it is assigned are listed.
    Example reassigned verbal order progress note
  • The verbal order is displayed in the selected clinician's list of verbal orders to authorise. The new clinician can review and authorise the verbal order following the steps above.

If there are no further verbal orders to review, the Verbal Order icon shows 0, for example Verbal Orders icon - none to review.

Deleted medication won't appear in the unreviewed verbal order list and you cannot edit or review a verbal order for deleted medication.

If you want to edit the comments you added to a verbal order, right-click the medication on the Medication Summary or Detail tab and select Edit Verbal Order. Any updates to verbal orders are logged.