Version 9.0

Release notes for V9.0.


Services can now be associated with a specific program as well as an encouter place and encounter mode. Contact COMMUNICARE for advice on using this functionality.

Data Synchronisation

Support for data synchronisation has been extended.

Clinical items

The comment that can be attached to any clinical record can now be of any length. Note that if the comment is lengthy it may be only partially displayed when clinical items are presented in reports or grids. The full comment can be read by double-clicking the item.

Patient Biographics

The patient biographics window has been rearranged to accommodate smaller screens. The Skin, Language, Birthplace and Marital Status information is now recorded on the Social tab along with family information.

Items that are not used are no longer invisible but are now displayed in a disabled state. Administrators wishing to enable such items should call Communicare for the daily code to make this change.

Items previously found on the Special tab are now on the Administration tab.

Service Recording

  • The providers for a service are now displayed in the main grid allowing easy scanning of services by provider.
  • When providers close the clinical record they have the opportunity to edit the service comment. This will be visible in the Service Recording window.

Communicare In-tray

This window now has a filter to hide all records that are more than 6 months old. This filter is set when you log on to Communicare but can be turned off to view older records, both documents and investigation results.

Letter Template Items

A patient's Mother and Father can be added to a letter template individually. This enhances the Additional Kin Information and Emergency Contact Details items.


  • When making or modifying a booking, you can append the next timeslot.
  • You can no longer move a booked appointment simply by click and drag. You have to select it first, then drag it. When you move a booking, a dialog will alert you and confirm that you do want to move the appointment.
  • Click and drag selects timeslots, regardless of their state.
  • Click-Shift works in a Windows standard manner by selecting the first cell that is clicked and all cells up to and including the next cell clicked.


Numeric qualifiers can now have minimum and/or maximum values specified. See Qualifier_Type for details.


Administrator should be aware that any locally created SQL reports that select from the table PAT_ENCOUNTER should be edited to select from PAT_ENCOUNTER_VIEW otherwise users other than Administrator will get an error message. Query Builder reports will work correctly. Call COMMUNICARE if you need any advice in this matter.

Pregnancy items

Two new items have been added to the obstetric and pregnancy section ‘End Pregnancy’ list – Hydatidiform Mole and Blighted Ovum. Selecting these as an outcome will end a pregnancy and prompt the user to cancel any antenatal checks recorded.