Version 9.5

Release notes for V9.5.

Progress Notes

This version of Communicare introduces Integrated Progress Notes. This exciting new feature means that details of a service, as they are recorded, are displayed in the body of the progress note along with the free text details of the service. For example, if a health check is done as part of a service, the details such as weight, height, BP, etc, are displayed in the progress note.

Please take note of the following comments:
  • the spell-checker is not available in the integrated progress notes for this version of Communicare. It will be reinstated in a future release
  • services created from outside the clinical record will not be able to create an integrated progress note in this version. This means that the reviewing of results and documents from the in-tray will show in the detail tab of the clinical record as usual, but not yet in the body of the progress note
  • although most of the detail of a clinical item is shown in the progress note, some minor detail such as actual duration will still need to be found by double-clicking the item itself. These details will be visible in the progress note in a future version
  • because the progress note now records all editing and deleting of clinical items it is no longer possible to enter a clinical record to edit, say, an incorrect patient weight, without leaving behind a record in your progress note. All such actions should be done in a no client contact service because the service will no longer be able to be ignored. This means that there is greater accountability for users
Note: Because old data needs to be re-processed to enable this new feature, administrators should note that extra time will be needed for an upgrade to this version of Communicare or later.

APCC Reports

This version of Communicare has the updated APCC reports, including COPD and General measures and enhanced CHD and Diabetes measures. The reports are to aid manual data entry.