Version 9.1

Release notes for V9.1.


Adverse Reactions: This new tool on the Clinical Record Summary tab allows adverse reactions to be reviewed and considered when prescribing medications. Warnings will appear when conflicting medications are prescribed, or are already prescribed. See the Adverse Reaction Maintenance topic for more information. Note that users without the Common viewing right will still be able to see adverse reactions but not add, delete or modify them.

<color Red>Prescribers should note that each time they prescribe for each patient after this upgrade they will be warned unless the 'Nil Known' checkbox has been ticked or there are no adverse reactions recorded.</color>

Adverse Reactions Audit Report: This new report is available in the Reports Clinical Record submenu. A list of patients who have adverse reaction clinical items, or text in 'Alerts' which indicate an adverse reaction will be listed. This report should be run by an administrator with the intent to transcribe the adverse reactions into the new Adverse Reactions tool. This will ensure medication warnings take these reactions into account. The current Adverse Effect clinical items and any locally created adverse reaction related clinical items should be disabled to encourage users to enter information into the new tool.

Medicare Claiming

This version of Communicare incorporates the changes to the Medicare Claiming module that allow claims up to two years old to be claimed electronically.

Practice and Clinic Addresses

Administrators should note that this version of Communicare adds a dropdown box for locality selection (similar to the patient biographics and address book maintenance) for the practice address and clinic addresses. You should check these details after the upgrade to either:

remove the locality from address line 2 if the locality dropdown box has correctly updated; or

select the correct locality and then remove the locality from address line 2.

Once you have done this then address line 2 can be used for further address details. These details are used in letters, prescriptions, investigation requests and some reports so they should be reviewed as soon after the upgrade as possible.