Version 9.2

Release notes for V9.2.

Letter templates and adverse reactions

Note: Any locally made letter templates that include the Alert item should now also include the Adverse Reactions items. You should review any such letter templates and add the new items (on the Clinical Record tree) as appropriate.

Database Server

This version of Communicare uses the database server Firebird 2.1. Improvements are mainly 'behind the scenes' concerning reliability, security and performance.

Note: For this reason, Communicare versions older than 8.6 cannot be upgraded to version 9.2 or later unless they are first upgraded to version 9.1.

Service Recording

Waiting time is now shown in minutes. When this time reaches 60 minutes the label turns bold to highlight patients that have been waiting more than an hour.

Claim status is displayed by an icon on the left of the screen.
  • indicates that a claim has been made.
  • indicates that a claimable service has not yet been claimed.
  • indicates that the service has been marked as not claimable

Clinical Record title bar details

There is now an option to include the Medical Record Number in the title bar of the clinical record. To do this, the Administrator should go to File|System Parameters and select the Patient tab. Under the 'MRN term' edit box is a checkbox to include this on the title bar of the clinical record. If your term has been named 'HRN', for example, then the label will include this label as well as the number.

In addition, the gestation of a woman who is currently pregnant is shown in weeks and days, for example, (11/40 + 2) rather than just weeks.

Local Reports

Some user defined functions have been deprecated. A local report may fail to run with an error 'Function unknown' followed by the name of the function (e.g. F_YEAR). If this happens please contact COMMUNICARE and we can advise on an alternative function that will serve the same purpose.

NT Aboriginal Health Key Performance Indicators

There are reports added to view and generate NT AHKPI data for submission. The reports and export file adhere to 'NT Aboriginal Health Key Performance Indicators, Definitions, September 2008, Version 1.3.1'. These can be found in Report|NT KPI. There are individual reports for each KPI, and Export report and an Export Summary report. Further details can be found in the Reports topic in the Communicare Help file.