Version 9.4

Release notes for V9.4.

Extemporaneous Preparations (Drug Recipes)

Prescribers can now define their own preparations and record them on the patient's medication summary. The details will print to a prescription the same as medications prescribed from MIMS. See Extemporaneous Preparations (Drug Recipes) for more details.

Single Label Printing

The Patient Labels button on the main toolbar can now be configured to run a specific report which is designed to print a single label. This can be a patient mailing label, for example, or a specimen jar label. The selected report should support the label size being used. Contact Communicare Systems for advice and support.

Investigation Requests

Radiology - Communicare now supports pre-printed radiology request forms. Administrators should check the address book at File > Reference Tables > Address Book for any radiology places and set the type to Radiology Place. This will present a list of default options including standard plain paper, standard pre-printed forms, Perrett pre-printed radiology forms and Queensland Diagnostic Imaging pre-printed forms.

Pathology - Communicare now supports pre-printed pathology request forms with bar-coded specimen labels. Use FileReference TablesAddress Book to change the default request form for pathology labs that supply this stationery to you.

ABCD Project

There is a new report that supports the clinic audit protocols for the ABCD project.

SEHR minor changes

WSMA (Web Services Messaging Application) settings. See System Parameters for details.