Version 9.3

Release notes for V9.3.

Clinical Record

In this version of Communicare a patient's clinical record will fill the whole screen when maximised. To access the main toolbar when a patient's record is open you can use the restore button to resize the clinical record. Communicare will remember your settings.

Support for Multiple Organisations

This version of Communicare introduces support for more than one organisation to share one database. Existing customers that belong to one organisation will notice few changes. The Administrator will notice that some of the details usually kept in File|System Parameters have now been moved to File|Organisation Maintenance. Please note that this feature is not available for general use pending completion of Communicare's contract with SA Health.

Obstetrics and Pregnancy Tab Enhancements

This tab in the clinical record of female patients has been enhanced following feedback from antenatal staff in many of our clinics. See Obstetrics & Pregnancy for details.

Drawing feature

The facility to draw on images is now implemented as a new qualifier type. A selection of specific qualifiers of this type and associated clinical items are included in the centrally distributed items (see Central update, below).

Point of care pathology tests

There is now a Central qualifier (Point of care test) that can be attached to clinical items used to record point of care tests such as HbA1c. The qualifier should be ticked to distinguish tests performed in the clinic from test results sent by a pathology laboratory in some form other than electronically. The qualifier has been attached to various ICPC2 terms.

Administrators should review clinical items that are used to record point of care tests. If local terms are used (rather than the ICPC2 terms) then consider using the Terms Converter to convert the term (e.g. to convert Lipids to Test;lipids profile). Local items that may have been used include Lipids, INR, Random BSL and Fasting BSL. Alternatively, attach the new qualifier to the local clinical item. Please Call Communicare if you have any further questions relating to this.

Central update

Administrators can review new clinical items and qualifiers by running the report Report|Reference Tables|Clinical Item Types Added. Enter the number of days since the last Communicare upgrade and specify Central items created by the user CENTRAL. New items include Check up;Healthy Kids Check for items 709 and 711, Check up;Aged Care Resident {712} for item 712.

Appointments Book

Provider gender is displayed if this has been specified at File|Reference Tables|Provider. The Free Appointment Search can search for providers of a particular gender.


A patient's existing file number is now displayed on the Administration tab rather than the Personal tab. There is the facility for recording different file numbers for each encounter place that is marked as a record storage site.

A patient's record storage location that was previously stored as a value in a dropdown box is now displayed as a tick next to the same encounter place. If a patient has a place marked in this way (i.e. as the primary place) then this place will be the first place in the list, with places that have existing file numbers shown alphabetically after this and then places that are not the primary place nor do they have existing file numbers shown alphabetically at the end.

This means that all patient data is visible without scrolling unless there are more than four places in addition to the primary place that have file numbers.