Configuring Communicare for Online Claiming

After you have advised Communicare Support of the PRODA device activation code, we will process the activation on our end, and configure Communicare’s System Parameters to connect to Services Australia.

We will notify you when your configuration is complete.

System Administrators can check the progress on the File > System Parameters > Web Services tab. If Enable Medicare Services Australia is set and the fields are populated, the set up is nearly complete.

After you receive confirmation that the set up is complete, do the following:
  1. Add your Minor ID to the Location ID field in File > Organisation Maintenance > organisation > Electronic Claims tab.
    Use your highest, organisation-level Minor ID here. You can override the Minor ID at the encounter place level.
  2. If required, update the Minor ID for each encounter place that you want to claim under a different Minor ID in the HIC Minor Location ID field in File > Reference Tables > Encounter Place > encounter place. You needn’t update encounter places you want to claim under the Minor ID from step 1.
  3. For each encounter place that will be used for claiming, enter the encounter place device ID in the PRODA Device ID field in File > Reference Tables > Encounter Place > encounter place.
  4. Ensure that each claiming provider has a Medicare provider number included for each encounter place they will be claiming from in File > Providers > provider, Provider Number column.

You will now be able to submit bulk bill claims to Medicare.