Configuring Communicare for AIR integration

After you have been advised that Communicare V21.3 or later is connected to Services Australia you can complete integration with the AIR.

Communicare must be configured to use Services Australia's Web Services, and you must have registered for a B2B Device and PRODA logon for your organisation.

Advise Services Australia if your site has an allocated minor ID. For linking purposes, immunisation providers should also advise the agency of their minor ID by filling out the Online Claiming Provider Agreement (HW027) form.

The Communicare V21.3 or later installation includes the CCareQueue_ServicesAustralia service, which must be running.

AIR requires an information provider and immunisation provider. In Communicare, the AIR information provider and immunisation provider is the same person and is set to the same value if an immunisation is set to Performed here. The AIR provider is set to the first available value from the following provider numbers:
  1. AIR Provider No
  2. Default AIR Provider
  3. Medicare provider number for the service provider
  4. Medicare provider number for the service claiming provider
To integrate with the AIR:
  1. Specify a provider number for your encounter place in File > Reference Tables > Encounter Place > encounter place. Include a provider number in either of the following fields:
    • AIR Provider No - if your organisation is intending on transmitting immunisation notifications to the AIR, apply for a location-specific provider number from Services Australia.
    • Default AIR Provider - add an individual as the default provider for your encounter place who has a discipline of medical practitioner, midwife or nurse practitioner, and holds a valid Medicare provider number for the location.
      Note: If this individual provider leaves your organisation, ensure that you update this field to a current employee of your organisation who holds a valid provider number.
    Note: The encounter place or organisation must have a valid B2B device enrolled to allow uploads to the AIR.
  2. In File > System Parameters > System tab, enable the following datasets so that immunisations can be recorded as structured data (clinical items and qualifiers) in Communicare. These datasets include the AIR export codes.
    • Immunisation Age Based Reviews - you must enable this dataset if your organisation is reporting for nKPI, NT AHKPI or NSW KPI and clinicians must record immunisations in the Review;immunisation;age clinical items. Automated recalls are included with this dataset.
    • Immunisation Vaccines
  3. In File > User Groups, ensure that any user who wants to access the AIR integration belongs to a user group with the following system rights:
    • Clinical Records
    • AIR Patient Integration
Immunisations recorded as Immunisation clinical items will be uploaded to the AIR and providers can view a patient's immunisation history recorded in the AIR.
If you have trouble uploading immunisations to the AIR, check Ensuring an immunisation can be uploaded to AIR.