Using DataSync for disaster recovery

DataSync can be used to provide a disaster recovery solution.

As with most disaster recovery solutions, there are some limitations about the data and services that can be retained in some situations.

When using Communicare’s DataSync feature as a disaster recovery solution, recovery of any data is limited to the data which was current from the most recent backup file sent to your local DataSync server. Typically this would contain all patient record updates from the previous day.

Important: Any data not backed up to your Communicare Server will not be available for use when operating a disaster recovery solution until online client functionality or a Production Server environment is restored, and both the server's and clients' DataSync settings are configured as required, enabling synchronisation to take place.
Currently, the following approaches are supported for your Communicare implementation business continuity.
Table 1. Approaches for using DataSync as a disaster recovery solution
Approach Application Information
Spare local laptop or desktop with Offline Client installed Simple, small-scale client implementations

This requires a spare local laptop that is synchronised daily with the most recent Communicare production server backup.

Any new data from other local machines created since the last upload will not be available with this solution.

When operations are ready to resume, the offline client can then synchronise any offline date to the production server and all other local machines can then continue operating as usual.

A local disaster recovery server with DataSync installed becomes the Communicare production server More complex organisations or those with mobile users who are already using DataSync to support their business operations

Provides a close to fully functional Communicare production server solution.

Requires a DataSync server that meets the minimum requirements.

Any new data from online local machines created since the last backup cycle will not be available. However, with a Support request, all workstations in the Local Network can be configured to switch to using the DataSync server as the temporary disaster recovery server.

Any data held in offline clients can be uploaded after online functionality is restored.

A secondary production server to fail over to if the primary production server goes down Complex organisations with Communicare installations at multiple sites This can be implemented in a number of ways. For example, having a live, mirrored Communicare production server; or depending on infrastructure and connectivity, scheduling intra-day backups to a secondary server, resulting in minimal data loss in the event of a disaster.