Offline client functionality

Most features in Communicare work in offline mode just as they do in the standard operating environment. However, without an active connection to the internet, there are certain third-party related services and features, and some standard features that cannot function.

Features with limited or no support are listed in the following table. If a feature is not listed, it is expected to be fully functional.

Table 1. Features that are limited or not supported in the offline client
Feature No Access View Only Impact
Address Book Management X You cannot edit the address book
Adverse Reactions X You cannot delete adverse reactions
Appointment Book X You cannot book an appointment
Biographics You cannot amend patient current status, manage payer, or change information sharing status
Bulk Bill wizard X You cannot bulk bill patients in real time
Change Password X You cannot change a password
Clinical Items X You cannot delete clinical items

You cannot browse documents. However, you can write a new letter and scan a new document.

In V21.2 and later, you can generate the following My Health Record documents if the OfflineClient.EnableMyHealthRecord system setting is enabled:
  • eDischarge Summary
  • eReferral
  • Shared Health Summary
  • Event Summary
Contact Communicare Support for more information.
eRx X You cannot place online prescriptions with eRX
Find Duplicate Patients X You cannot find duplicate patients
HI Service X Health Identifier entry is disabled
Immunisation Claims You cannot make AIR claims
Import Medicare Number file X You cannot import the Medicare number file
Imprest Management X You cannot manage your Imprest or Imprest orders
Medications - Administer & Supply X You cannot record administration or supply of a medication order
Medications - Consolidated Orders X You cannot create or manage consolidated orders
Medications - condition and pregnancy decision support X If you are using V21.1 and later with the CDS service, condition and pregnancy interaction checking will not be available when prescribing
Merge Patients X You cannot merge patient records
My Health Record X You cannot register patients or access any My Health Record functionality except to generate My Health Record related documents, as described in the Documents row.
NCSR X You cannot see NCSR alerts or access the NCSR Hub from Communicare in the offline client.
Online Claiming You cannot claim a service that has not been entirely created offline
Pathology & investigation results X You cannot match and review patient results
Private Billing Administration X You cannot manage invoices and associated transactions for privately billed services
System Parameters X You cannot update system parameters
Transport X You cannot book transport
User Groups X You cannot add or edit user groups