Installing Offline Clients

DataSync tools keep the Offline Clients and Communicare production server synchronised. Administrators should install an Offline Client to any laptop that is taken off site.

These instructions assume that the Communicare Production Server is on-site and that the clinic and any Offline Clients are updated using the same LAN.

Note: The version of the Communicare Production Server and of the Offline Client must match.
To install a Communicare Offline Client to a laptop:
  1. On the laptop, uninstall any previous versions of the client.
  2. On the Communicare Production Server, navigate to C:\Installation_files\CCare.
  3. Copy the following files from the Communicare Production Server to the client machine:
    • CCareSetup.exe
    • CCSetup.ini
    • Communicare
    • Setup.exe
  4. On the laptop, right-click Setup.exe and select Run as Administrator.

The entire Communicare database is copied to the laptop.

The Communicare Offline shortcut is added to the desktop.

To ensure everything is working correctly, users should synchronise their data and log into Communicare Offline at the clinic before they go offline. For more information, see Using the Offline Client.

When internet access is available, each Offline Client connects to the internet to upload its latest XML file of database changes to the Communicare Production server. This process happens automatically when the Client runs Synchronise Communicare on each workstation that has been used offline. DataSync uses a naming convention for the XML file similar to the following, CCRepl YYYY-MM-DD 14-05-36-127 _ 00005228-0B63.xml.