Uploading CHSP data to DSS

CHSP customers can create and export XML files for bulk upload to the Department of Social Services, Data Exchange Portal.

As a CHSP customer, you will have the Report > DSS > DSS Exchange XML CHSP (HACC) (or similar) report installed.
Only Administrators can run this report.
To extract the performance data from Communicare for upload to the Department of Social Services, Data Exchange Portal:
  1. Select Report > Search Reports.
  2. In the Search field, enter DSS.
  3. Click on DSS Exchange XML CHSP (HACC) and read the instructions.
  4. Right-click on DSS Exchange XML CHSP (HACC) and select Edit Report.
    1. In the Parameters section, edit the report dates.
      Tip: Your outlet activity ID should be recorded and the age limits should be appropriate to your state.
      • First date to report, for example, 01-JUL-2021
      • Last date to report, for example, 31-DEC-2021
    2. Click Save iconSave.
  5. In the Reports Search window, click Open report iconOpen Report.
  6. In the report, click Advanced icon Advanced.
  7. After a few minutes when you have data on the screen, click Export data iconExport data.
  8. In the Step #1: Field Selection window, click Double arrow icondouble arrow to move all entries from Source table fields to Destination Table fields and click Next arrow iconNext.
  9. In the Step #2: Destination type window, select ASCII and click Next arrow iconNext.
  10. In the Step #3: Destination Parameters window:
    1. In the Field delimiter field, clear the entry so that it is blank.
    2. In the File name field enter a location on your PC and a filename with a .xml extension. For example, C:\DSS\Reporting\CHSP_20210701.xml.
    3. Click Next arrow iconNext.
  11. In the Last Step: Export Data window, click Export data iconExport.
The window closes and you can also close the data window.

Find the file you saved when exporting and upload this to the DSS Data Exchange portal. For further information, see CHSP Reporting.

Tip: If you encounter any errors, send the details to Communicare Support.