To record HACC WA-related encounters so that the data can be used to report for HACC in WA, use HACC-specific clinical items.

For WA, enable the HACC and CHSP dataset.

Use the HACC/CHSP * clinical items to record encounters associated with HACC in WA.

Table 1. HACC/CHSP clinical items
Clinical item Description
HACC/CHSP Allied Health Care Record allied health services separately. At reporting time, a total for all allied health assistance provided to a client is calculated.
HACC/CHSP Assessment Assessment activities directly attributable to individual care recipients.
HACC/CHSP Carer Counselling/Support Counselling, support, information and advocacy support services that help clients and carers deal with their situation. Includes dementia support and counselling and carer support and counselling.
HACC/CHSP Carer Information Record carer information for people who provide regular, sustained care and assistance without payment other than a pension or benefit.
HACC/CHSP Carer Respite Care Record assistance provided to carers reported on the MDS record, for relief from their caring role. If the care recipient has no carer, the service types is instead Social Support.
HACC/CHSP Case Management Record case management - coordination of planning and delivery of services to the client by an identified case manager or care coordinator.
HACC/CHSP Centre-based day care Record assistance provided to the client to attend or participate in group activities at a centre or excursions conducted by centre staff.
HACC/CHSP Client Care Coordination Record client care coordination.
HACC/CHSP Counselling/Support, etc. Record counselling, support, information and advocacy for clients or their carers.
HACC/CHSP Domestic Assistance Record domestic assistance.
HACC/CHSP Enrolment Use this clinical item to record the beginning of a HACC service in Communicare and include the patient in reporting.
Note: Add this clinical item before you add any other HACC-related items.
HACC/CHSP Exit Add this clinical item to report that the patient has stopped receiving services during the current reporting period and has exited from the HACC.
HACC/CHSP Functional Assessment Record the extent to which the patient is able to perform daily living activities and whether they have behavioural or memory problems. This identifies areas in which a person requires assistance and quantifies the extent of the assistance required.
HACC/CHSP Goods and Equipment Record equipment or goods provided to the patient.
HACC/CHSP Home Maintenance Record assistance with the maintenance or repair of the patient's home, garden or yard.
HACC/CHSP Home Modification Record structural changes to the patient's home so they can continue to live in and move safely around the house.
HACC/CHSP Meals Provided Record meals prepared outside the patient's home and delivered to the patient and meals provided at a centre. Count the meals separately for each location.
HACC/CHSP Nursing Care Record health care provided to the patient by a registered or enrolled nurse in their home or at any other location.
HACC/CHSP Other Food Services Record assistance provided with preparing a meal at the patient's home, or advice on nutrition, food storage or preparation.
HACC/CHSP Personal Care Record assistance provided to the patient for daily self care tasks such as eating and bathing, and medication monitoring.
HACC/CHSP Social Support Record social support provided by a paid or volunteer companion at home or using community services so that the patient can participate in community life.
HACC/CHSP Transport Record transport assistance provided to the patient either directly, by driving them somewhere or indirectly with taxi vouchers or subsidies. Count the number of one-way trips.
To record HACC services in WA:
  1. Enrol the patient in HACC. Add the HACC/CHSP Enrolment clinical item to the patient's clinical record.
  2. For each contact, record the type of assistance provided, using a specific clinical item as described in Table 1.
  3. If the patient no longer receives HACC-related services, add the HACC/CHSP Exit clinical item.
Tip: You cannot add activity items until after a patient has been enrolled in a program. However, you can still add activity items after a patient has been exited from a program. This allows for genuine backdating of clinical items. For example:
  • If you are using an offline client and your clinical program enrolments and exits have got out of step, you can backdate an exit.
  • If items are out of sequence, correct the items.
  • For a patient who exited last week, record an action from two weeks ago.