Recording ITC activities

If you receive a referral for a patient who requires integrated team care activities, you can assess and enrol the patient into ITC and record ITC activities using specific clinical items.

To display and use the ITC dataset, you must belong to a user group with the Common viewing right.

To record ITC activities:
  1. When you receive an internal or external ITC referral for a patient, assess the patient. Add the ITC Assessment clinical item to the patient's clinical record. Ensure that the performed date is that of the actual assessment.
    Tip: The referral may come from an external source such as an incoming referral letter, or one of the two internal referral items for ITC: Referral;INTERNAL;Coordinator ITC or Referral;INTERNAL;Outreach Worker; ITC.

    Complete an assessment even if the client is not eligible or if the client declines.

    This clinical item captures the date of the referral (to report on waiting times), the source of the referral (if self or carer referred, a document or a formal referral does not need to exist), smoking status, primary diagnosis (that is, the reason for referral) and the outcome. The outcome is required: if the response is Eligible, you are prompted to add a recall for enrolment; if the response is Ineligible or Client decline, no further action is required.

  2. In the patient's clinical record, enrol the patient in ITC. Add the ITC Enrolment clinical item to the patient's clinical record, recording if care coordination or supplementary services or both are approved. Ensure that the performed date is that of the actual acceptance into the program.
  3. For each support event, record the type of service provided, using a specific clinical item. If a single service comprises more than one service, the items can be added multiple times. Each supplementary service item captures the type of item and whether the service was brokered or purchased. These items must have a performed date of the actual date of support.
    • For care coordination, use ITC Care Coordination.
    • For supplementary services, use one of the following clinical items:
      • ITC Supplementary Services;Medical Aids
      • ITC Supplementary Services;Allied Health
      • ITC Supplementary Services;Specialists
      • ITC Supplementary Services;Transport
    • For outreach worker activity, use ITC Outreach Worker
  4. Periodically record a client evaluation using the ITC Client Evaluation 2 clinical item.
  5. If the patient no longer receives ITC support services, add the ITC Exit clinical item and include a reason for leaving. Ensure that the performed date is that of the actual exit from the program.
Record activity during the formal enrolment period.
Tip: You cannot add activity items until after a patient has been enrolled in a program. However, you can still add activity items after a patient has been exited from a program. This allows for genuine backdating of clinical items. For example:
  • If you are using an offline client and your clinical program enrolments and exits have got out of step, you can backdate an exit.
  • If items are out of sequence, correct the items.
  • For a patient who exited last week, record an action from two weeks ago.

Run the internal management reports weekly to assess progress and reporting accuracy.

If a client needs further integrated team care in future, repeat these steps to enrol the client in ITC again.