OSR HP1 - Health Promotion HP-1 How many group activities and population health promotional activities has your organisation run during the Financial Year?

How many health promotion group activities were run during the year?


The report counts procedures with an export code starting HP-GRP, analysed by day and encounter place in order to deduce the number of group sessions conducted, assuming that the same type of session is not run repeatedly on the same day at the same place.

For detailed information about export codes, see Procedure, Immunisation, Pathology & Medicare codes reference.

Table 1. OSR HP-1
Element Description
Communicare reports
  • Report > OSR > HP-01 HP Group Activities
Business rules All clinical items with appropriate codes recorded in any patient record are deemed to be evidence of attendance at a group health promotion event. Actual attendance is not counted so where a non-patient record is used to record anonymous attendance, the event is still recorded.
Additional data recording considerations No clinical items with these codes are distributed by Communicare so all data collection for this indicator is done using locally defined procedures.