OSR MCH-1 - Maternal and Child Health MCH-1 Record the number of child health checks conducted in the Financial Year

How many Child Health Checks were done during the year?


Health checks are identified by the client being 0 to 4 years of age and either a Medicare claimed for item 715 or alternatively by clinical item with the system code of CHC. If both a MBS 715 and an alternative health check (CHC) are recorded for the same patient, only the 715 check is counted.

Note: Because the claim and the evidence of the claim can be recorded on separate occasions, and because item 715 is usually an annual claim, individual patients are reported rather than individual claims or completed clinical items. MBS item 10986 Healthy Kids Check are identified by Medicare claims for item 10986.
Table 1. OSR MCH-1
Element Description
Communicare reports
  • Report > OSR > MCH-01 Child Health Checks
Business rules This report counts individuals with evidence of an annual child health check during the report period. A patient with two such checks is reported once only.
Additional data recording considerations Medicare Item 10986 is no longer available.