OSR S-7c - Standalone Substance Use S-7c How many residential treatment / rehabilitation episodes of care were provided by your organisation during the Financial Year?

How many residential treatment/rehabilitation episodes of care were provided by your service during the year?


Residential treatment is identified by enrolments. Enrolments are identified by export code DA-ENROL with a Treatment delivery setting qualifier (DA-TDS export code) set to Residential Treatment Facility.

Enrolments recorded for fictitious clients are not included.

Table 1. OSR S-7c
Element Description
Communicare reports
  • Report > OSR > S-07b Residential Episodes
Business rules

The alcohol and other drug dataset distributed by Communicare includes items with the appropriate codes to record the start and end of periods of treatment.

For details about codes, see Procedure, Immunisation, Pathology & Medicare codes reference.

Additional data recording considerations The Communicare report numbering dates from an earlier numbering system for OSR reporting – report 7b now reports for indicator 7c.