Automated Recall Confirmation

Before an On Completion or On Presentation recall is generated, the Confirm Automated Recall window is displayed.

This window displays:
  • Recall Interval - the time to elapse before the next recall is due as a result of this recall. Intervals can be Days, Months, or Years.
  • Planned Date - the actual date on which the recall will take place. Altering this field will automatically change the Recall Interval shown.
  • Expiry Date - (optional) the date after which this recall will be automatically cancelled if not already completed or cancelled. The Expiry Date is initially calculated from the Planned Date using the expiry settings on the Automated Recall Type. This option is available only for clinical item types that have the Allow Recall Expiry option selected.
  • Responsibility for this recall - the group of users responsible for completing this recall.
  • Confirmation - may be set by default depending on the settings in Automated Recall Type. Only confirmed recalls with a tick are generated.

Click Reset to undo any the changes you may have just made.

Click Cancel to close the window without generating any recalls.