Effect of Patient Sex on Recall Generation

Automated recall creation can be controlled by the sex of the patient, that is an automated recall type can be designated as specific to a patient of a certain birth sex.

Note: The patient's name and sex is displayed at the top of the clinical record. Check the patient's identity and sex before using the clinical record. This simple precaution will avoid the risk of inconsistent recalls due to incorrect biographics.
If a patient is recorded without specifying a sex:
  • Recalls are generated without regard for patient sex.
  • OnCompletion and OnPresentation recalls which would normally have been filtered out due to the patient's sex will be generated regardless.

If the patient's sex is altered, existing OnRegistration recalls are deleted and recreated. However, other recalls that have been suppressed on the basis of patient sex will not be recreated. This is unlikely to be significant since sex filters are rarely needed on OnCompletion or OnPresentation recalls.