Report Naming

Query Builder and SQL reports are placed on the Reports menu or sub-menus according to the name they are given.

A report with a single word name is placed directly on the Reports menu. Examples of single word report names are, MyReport, My_Report and Evacuations. Report names like these are generally best avoided because if too many are created they will cause the reports menu to become excessively long. An excessively long menu may need to be scrolled to be seen in its entirety, which makes it difficult to use.

Giving a report a multiple word name will cause it to be placed on a sub-menu. This is generally a much better option. Examples of the recommended format are: Health_Analysis Diabetes, Health_Analysis Asthma. These reports will be placed on a submenu called 'Health Analysis'.

Only queries marked as Public will be visible to other users. It is recommended that the Public check box be left blank for all queries that are not required by other users. Care must be taken to organise Public queries into logical sub-menus in order to maintain ease of use.

See Also Report Sub-Menu access Control, Access Control for Query Builder Reports.