Database Consistency reports

These reports provide information about the state of your database.

These reports either complement the Database Consistency report or are useful for database monitoring.

Table 1. Database Consistency reports
Report > Database Consistency Description
Central Reports

Shows reports at this site that are distributed by Communicare.

Administrators can use this report to find reports that have been added in the latest release by entering the date of the latest upgrade for the Created since parameter. The report is ordered by the date the report was added to the database.

Current Version Numbers

Shows the current version of your reference data for MBS, MIMS, SNOMED and the Health Data Portal (nKPI) reports.

Compare the dates of your datasets regularly and at least monthly, with those posted on the Communicare User Portal.

Database Consistency Check

Checks the Communicare database and produces a report showing any data problems found.

Administrators can also run this report from Tools > Database Consistency Check. For more information, see Database Consistency Check.

Documents to consider rescanning

Lists oversized documents that should be scanned again if it is possible to do so, to reduce the size of the document.

Excessively large documents can cause your database to become bloated and can cause systems errors.

To replace oversized documents:
  1. Print the document.
  2. Delete the original, scanned document. Enter a reason for deletion as SIZE.
  3. Scan the document again.

The original scanned document remains in your database. Contact Communicare Support to arrange the physical deletion of all logically deleted documents with a reason for deletion of SIZE.

Fictitious Patients

Generates a list of patients that are marked as fictitious or patients to consider marking fictitious.

Run this report to identify any patients who may have been incorrectly marked as fictitious or to find patients suitable for training purposes.

Patients to consider making Fictitious are identified as having a current status other than fictitious and meet either of the following conditions:
  • Contain any of the following in their first or last name: TEST, TRAINING, DUMMY, FICTITIOUS, XX, 12
  • Have ever had a patient status of fictitious
Note: Patients who are currently deceased but who have ever been ficitious may need to be undeceased if they are fictitious. Deceased patients who are actually fictitious may appear under some report filters that include deceased patients.
Local Reports

Shows reports enabled at this site that do not appear to be distributed as part of a Communicare upgrade and reports that have been modified in some way.

Administrators can use this report to find possible local and altered reports that may need fixing or updating.

The report shows reports created or modified since a specified date, red dates indicate if the report was newly added or newly modified (or both).

Localities with Invalid Postcodes

Find localities with invalid postcodes.

Use this report to assist with adding valid postcodes for locally added localities as reported in the database consistency check.

Where a duplicate is recorded, contact Communicare Support for advice.

Localities with Invalid States

Find localities with invalid states.

Use this report to assist with adding valid states for locally added localities as reported in the database consistency check.

Where a duplicate is recorded, contact Communicare Support for advice.

NASH Certificate Expiry

In V21.2 and later, lists installed certificates with unknown expiry dates, or that will expire in the next 60 days.

For certificates installed after you have updated to V21.2 or later, if the certificate will expire in the next 60 days, the following output is displayed for that certificate: expires in XXX days - renew certificate.

Tip: For certificates installed before you updated to V21.2 or later, the following output is displayed for that certificate: unknown expiry - reinstall certificate. To display the certificate's expiry, reinstall the certificate and run the report again.
Pending Argus 4 Documents

Administrators can generate a list of all pending, secure Argus documents.

Pre-upgrade check

This report is run by Communicare Support or Administrators before an upgrade.

Current considerations are:
  • MIMS issue date if using Prescribing
  • MBS issue date if using Electronic Claims
  • Datasets not currently selected for import
  • Current use of Consolidated clinic summary style
  • Clinical items that may need converting
Report Usage

Administrators can analyse the use of reports at your site.

Scheduled Reports

Shows all active scheduled reports and the frequency at which they are run.

Use this report to identify reports that no longer need to be scheduled and to identify peak days where a large number of reports may be scheduled.

Scheduled Reports Count

Shows the number of scheduled reports due to be run in the next 90 days for each day where there is at least one.

Use this report to identify peak activity days.

Scheduled Reports Monitor

Indicates if a scheduled report due to be run, was in fact run.

Use this report to see if a report failed to run at night for some reason. For example, the time allocated for this had expired.

Run the report for yesterday: today's date will produce an empty report and a date prior to yesterday may produce inconclusive results if a report was successfully run on a date later than the date entered.

This report shows one of the following statuses for each scheduled report:
  • OK - the report ran successfully when it was scheduled
  • Possible problem - the report failed to run for some reason, possibly because there is nothing to report
  • No comment - the report has run successfully since the date entered, and there is no way of knowing if it ran successfully on the entered date or not.
Unused Address Book Entries

This is a legacy report run by Administrators that shows the Address Book entries deleted on upgrade from V11.4 and earlier.

These are the entries that came from the Argus AUD, have not been referenced anywhere in Communicare, and do not have an export code of KEEP (case insensitive).

Withdrawn Services

Shows incorrectly withdrawn services.

For services identified in this report, update the service details and do the following:
  1. Deselect Withdrawn.
  2. Provide a start and end time.
  3. Click Save.