Report Options

Not all options are available or apply to all reports. For example, a patient age option makes no sense on a birthweight report. The following options are those which are commonly available for Communicare reports.

Selection Options

Selection Options, also known as selection criteria, are options which determine the content of the report.

Common selection options are:
  • From Date - Restrict to items occurring on or after a certain date.
  • To Date - Restrict to items occurring on or before a certain date.
  • From Age - Include patients greater than or equal to this age in years.
  • To Age - Include patients less than or equal to this age in years.
  • Specific Locality - restricts a report to patients whose residence is in a particular Locality.
  • Locality_Group - restricts a report to patients whose residence in any one of a group of localities.
  • All Localities - includes all patients irrespective of where they currently live.
  • Special. If the Check Box or Lookup options have been named in the System_Parameters (Patient tab) then they are available as report selections.

Print Options

Print options control the detail included in a report.

Common print options are:
  • Totals only - Suppress all detail and print only the total values.
  • Include addresses.

Grouping Options

Grouping options allow information to be grouped by a particular value such as locality, i.e. all information applicable to the grouping is shown together. In general, sub-totals for each grouping are also shown.

Ordering Options

Ordering options control the value or values used to sequence information shown in a report.

Word Processor Merge File

The 'Write Word Processor Merge File' option creates a comma delimited text file suitable for merging into a Word processor document to create a mail out.

When the report is run, the 'Save Word Processor Merge File' dialog displays. Select the desired folder/directory and enter a file name and click on Save. The merge file is created and the report is also produced.

When the merge file has been created, start the word processor (Microsoft Word or WordPerfect) and create the merge document. The fields in the merge file are not named because different word processors use different field naming mechanisms.

The fields in the merge file are as follows:
  • Patient's preferred name forenames
  • Patient's preferred name family name
  • Current home address line 1
  • Current home address line 2
  • Current home address locality name (suburb)
  • Current home address state
  • Current home address post code
  • Current home telephone no.
Note: Any commas present, for example in the address lines, are replaced by spaces.