Reporting group activity

Your service can set up clinical items to record group attendance broken down into demographics of your own choosing. You can then report on these demographics using a standard Communicare supplied report.

To record attendance at group activities anonymously, use an unidentified clients patient. To set up your system to record anonymous attendance and be able to report on it:
  • Set up a patient using the following settings:
    • Surname - UNIDENTIFIED CLIENTS (recommended by Communicare, although it need not be this description exactly)
    • Locality - Other / Elsewhere
    • Status Non Patient
    • Leave all other Biographic information blank
  • Create a clinical item with GROUP in the description. For example, Creche;Group attendance
  • Create numeric qualifiers with a System Code of GRP and a description of the group. For example, Males 0-9, Females 0-9, Males 10-19, Females 10-19...
  • Attach the qualifiers to the Clinical Item and any appropriate key words.

Running the report

To report on the recorded activities, run Report > Procedures > Group Activities - Unidentified Clients.

This report is similar to the OSR question: What type of groups were run by your service and how many people attended?. However, this report is for unidentified patients and group activities.

It provides options for a range of dates and an option for analysis by provider and shows both the number of individuals and number of attendees.

This report looks for all qualifiers with the GRP System Code.

You can filter by Encounter Place, Encounter Mode, Program, Group, Group Type, Provider (single provider, group by each provider or view all together).

Fictitious clients are excluded. Non-patients are included.