PI 02 - Birthweight result

Proportion of Indigenous babies born within the previous 12 months whose birth weight has been recorded


  • Birth weight is categorised as one of the following:
    • Low - less than 2,500 grams
    • Normal - 2,500 grams to less than 4,500 grams
    • High - 4,500 grams and over
  • Birth weights are obtained from the infant's record.
  • Birth weight may be recorded either in the infant's biographics or as a weight qualifier recorded on the day of birth.
  • All births in the last 12 months are considered, whether the infant was a regular client or not.
  • The infant must have at least one recorded visit to the health service.
Table 1. NKPI PI 02
Element Description
Communicare reports
  • Report > National KPI > PI02 Birth Weight Categories
  • Report > National KPI > PI02 Birth Weight Categories Patients
Numerator As for the numerator rules for PI01 but disaggregated into the three categories of Low, Normal and High.
Denominator As for the denominator rules for PI01.
Additional data recording considerations As for PI01.