PI 16 - Alcohol consumption recorded

Proportion of regular clients whose alcohol consumption status has been recorded.


Proportion of Indigenous regular clients aged 15 years and over where their health provider has recorded:
  • Whether the client consumes alcohol
  • The amount and frequency of the client's alcohol consumption


  • User may select between AIHW's definition of Regular Client (attended the OATSIH-funded primary health care service at least 3 times in 2 years), or Communicare's Current Patient status.
  • Patients must be recorded as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or both.
  • Patients must have had a qualifier with a system code of ALC or ALPrecorded to be included
    • Central qualifiers are Alcohol Consumption Level and Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy.
    • Example clinical items include Check up;Aboriginal & TSI adult, Check up;antenatal
    • Alternatively, in the AUDIT-C assessment (Check up;alcohol;AUDIT-C), they may have at least the first two qualifiers recorded, or an AUDIT-C score or a full AUDIT score.
Table 1. NKPI PI 16
Element Description
Communicare reports
  • Report > National KPI > PI16 Alcohol Status
  • Report > National KPI > PI16 Alcohol Status Patients
Numerator This report looks for any evidence in the previous two years of either alcohol consumption level, or an AUDIT-C score or a full AUDIT score or both question 1 and question 2 of the AUDIT C/AUDIT being recorded at the same time.
Denominator Regular, Indigenous patients.
Additional data recording considerations none