PI 06 - HbA1c result

Proportion of regular clients with Type II diabetes whose HbA1c measurement result was within a specified level


Number of Indigenous regular clients who have Type II diabetes and who have had an HbA1c measurement result recorded within the previous 6 or 12 months.


  • User may select between AIHW's definition of Regular Client (attended the OATSIH-funded primary health care service at least 3 times in 2 years), or Communicare's Current Patient status.
  • Patients must be recorded as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or both.
  • Only Type II diabetes is considered (any ICPC code of T90). Type I diabetes, secondary diabetes, gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), previous GDM, impaired fasting glucose, impaired glucose tolerance are not included. For more information, see System codes.
  • Any qualifier with a system code of HBA and units of % or a system code of HBM and units of mmol/mol is considered an HbA1c measurement. These results can be received from an incoming pathology report or manually entered into an existing Clinical Item with a qualifier of HbA1c. For more information, see Qualifier codes.
  • Only the most recent HbA1c measurement result for each time period is considered.
Table 1. NKPI PI 06
Element Description
Communicare reports
  • Report > National KPI > PI06 Diabetes HbA1c Results 06 Months
  • Report > National KPI > PI06 Diabetes HbA1c Results 12 Months
  • Report > National KPI > PI06 Diabetes HbA1c Results Patients
Numerator The latest HbA1c within the specified time period is used. If it was recorded as % it is first converted to mmol/mol and rounded to a whole number after multiplying by 10.93 and adding 23.5. The groupings are less than or equal to 53 mmol/mol, greater than 53 and less than or equal to 64 mmol/mol and less than 86 mmol/mol.
Denominator Regular, Indigenous patients with a diagnosis of Type II diabetes from any time.
Additional data recording considerations

Clinicians must record HbA1c results correctly. They should not enter a % result in the HbA1c qualifier or a mmol/mol result in the HbA1c (%) qualifier.

Use Report > Qualifiers > With Selected Numeric values to look for outliers such as abnormally high % values or abnormally low mmol/mol values.

Mistakes should be corrected.