PI 17 - AUDIT-C result

Proportion of regular clients who had an AUDIT-C with results (score) within specified levels.


  • User may select between AIHW's definition of Regular Client (attended the OATSIH-funded primary health care service at least 3 times in 2 years), or Communicare's Current Patient status.
  • Patients must be recorded as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or both.
  • Any numeric qualifier with an export code of AUDITC is considered an AUDIT-C result. For example, in Check up;alcohol;AUDIT-C, the three Alcohol audit interview questions must have a value and the Alcohol AUDIT-C total must be calculated. These four qualifiers can be added to any clinical item to augment data collection. For more information, seeExport codes.
Table 1. NKPI PI 17
Element Description
Communicare reports
  • Report > National KPI > PI17 AUDIT-C
  • Report > National KPI > PI17 AUDIT-C Patients

For details of codes, see Procedure, Immunisation, Pathology & Medicare codes reference.

AUDIT-C results need to be documented as a numeric qualifier to be included and must have been recorded during the two years prior to the end of the report period.
Example Audit-C clinical item
Denominator Regular, Indigenous patients aged 15 years and over.
Additional data recording considerations none